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The “WHAT” Tour??

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“Muffler Men”

Muffler Men (or Muffler Man) are large molded fiberglass sculptures that are placed as advertising icons, roadside attractions or for decorative purposes, predominantly in the United States. Standing approximately 18–25 feet tall, the first figure was a Paul Bunyan character designed to hold an axe. Derivatives of that figure were widely used to hold full-sized car mufflers, tires, or other items promoting various roadside businesses.

International Fiberglass of Venice, California constructed most Muffler Men. Two books have been devoted to the distinctive roadside figures and the July 2012 issue of AAA New Mexico Journey devoted its front cover to their 50th anniversary.

While the fiberglass figures are no longer manufactured, many still exist throughout the US with a few in Canada. At least four remain on U.S. Route 66.

With that in mind, from 25 - 39 September, 2014, I took a motorcycle trip through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma in search of these Giants in their native habitat.  If you don't mind downloading a 30 MB PDF File, you can join me on my adventure.  I hope you enjoy it at least as much as I did!

MufflerManTourSept2014.pdf (29.43 mb)

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