Local Collaborations – Filling Mugs with Happiness

McKinney, Texas, like more and more small towns around America, is fortunate enough to have a local brewery.  Well, actually, we are fortunate enough to have TWO local breweries – both of them producing some outstanding brews!


It brings me great joy to see the resurgence of small, local businesses making things that people use and enjoy.  It is one of the elements that makes a community truly great.  Whenever you can, take the time to seek out and support the local folks who are taking big chances to help develop true local character.


Most recently, I have had the opportunity to work with Keith Lewis out at Tupps Brewery, (http://www.tuppsbrewery.com/) in developing his customer appreciation program.  I choose to say “customer appreciate program”, because, if you ask ME, it’s a “Mug Club”, and, OF COURSE, if you ask Keith, it is a “Beer Club”!!  And, well, that’s how it should be. :-)


From my point of view, this exciting project involves creating some “hearty” mugs for an incredibly generous pour at the brewery.
The mugs feature the Tupps Logo, of course, and my usual “Keith Parsley Pottery” logo is wrapped in a hop flower.

Every once in a while, things turn out to be better than I had expected – the hops log is one of those cases.  The individually numbered mugs also have a small ceramic loop built in to them, opposite of the handle, to facilitate further customization.


 The basic idea is that the brewery will keep your mug on site for you, and when you stop in, you will be upgraded from the “standard plastic cup” to further enjoy your brew in your very own numbered mug.  It sounds like a great idea to me, and we are excited to see how it takes off.  Stop in and see the good folks at Tupps, and ask them all about it.  Be sure to enjoy a good LOCAL brew or two while you are there.

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